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CodeChum is FREE for teachers to use and create classes, give out programming activities, and monitor students all in one platform. The only thing you have to do is to validate your Teacher status by sending us your legitimate teacher information upon signing in!

Your students have a LIMITED FREE version of CodeChum as well, and we call it the Tansan Plan. In this plan, your students can only submit their answer once per item for automatic checking.

However, if your students wish to use CodeChum to its full potential, we have other pricing plans available for your students to enjoy! Here are each of the pricing plans and the features that they offer.

Pricing Plans

  1. Tansan

    • Access to activities

    • 3-min cooldown running of codes

    • Single submission only

  2. Silver

    • Everything in Tansan, plus:

    • No cooldown running of codes

    • Allow multiple submissions

    • Access to CodeChum Playground

    • Access to built-in lessons

    • Review past activities

  3. Gold

    • Everything in Silver, plus:

    • No hidden test cases (for items created by CodeChum)

    • No code submission cooldown

    • Show activity leaderboard

    • See what's wrong with your solution output

    • Personalize code editor (themes, font, size)

    • Restore previous code executions

    • Check per minimum requirement

    • Check per test case

    • Get emails for deadline reminders

    • Weekly Coding Competition

  4. Diamond

    • Everything in Gold, plus:

    • CodeChum Study Area (learn more)

    • Ask for help from Cody Bot (learn more)

    • View Student Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Learn more about each of our student pricing plans and the features they offer here!

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