✏️How to edit student's score


Although CodeChum automatically checks your students' codes, you as a teacher still have the power to manually edit your students' scores whenever you wish to do so.


To edit a student's score for a specific item in CodeChum, do this:

  1. Go to your class' Activities tab and click on the activity you wish to view. This should show a popup window displaying details about the activity.

  2. In the Takers tab, click on any student you wish to edit grades. This should show another popup window.

  3. Click on any item listed on the left. This will show the student's answer to that item on the right, as well as the item name and the score of the student for this item on top.

  4. If you ever wish to edit your student's score for that item, click on the Pencil icon beside the item score. This should make the input field active.

  5. You now can input the new student score you wish to give this student.

  6. Once done, click the Check (✓) button. It should reflect your changes.

And that's how to edit your student's score in CodeChum!

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