🏅How to exempt your student from answering the activity


Teachers sometimes give out exemptions to students, such as those who perform exceptionally well in a project or those who were able to achieve a specific criterion in a project that is subject to exemption.

At times like these, CodeChum's Exempt feature comes in handy, where you can allow your students to be exempted in an activity so they don't have to answer it and easily get a perfect score!


To exempt a student in an activity in CodeChum, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your class' Activities tab and click on the activity card you'd like your student to be exempted in answering.

  2. In the Takers tab, find the student you would like to grant an exemption to and click on the status badge on the right side of the student card. You will find an option to exempt the student.

  3. Once you have clicked the Exempted badge. The student's activity status should now be set to Exempted.

And that's how you exempt a student in CodeChum!

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