↩️How to allow your student to retake the activity


There are moments when your want to give second chances to your students, especially when they get relatively low scores in an activity.

At times like this, CodeChum's Retake feature comes in handy, where you will allow your students to retake the entire activity from scratch, and with a new due date.


To allow students to retake an activity from scratch in CodeChum, do the following:

  1. Go to your class' Activities tab and click on the activity card you'd like your student to retake answering.

  2. Click on the kebab menu on the top right in line with the activity name. This will show all actions you can do to your activity. Click on the Extend. This will show a smaller popup window.

  3. Click Set Retakers option to continue with the remaining steps of the process.

  4. Select a new open and due date.

  5. This time, it's your decision to determine which students you will allow to continue answering this activity.

  6. Once done, click the Extend activity button. This should show a popup window informing that you've successfully extended the activity for your selected students!

  7. The student's activity status should change to Retaking.

And that's how you can allow your students to retake the activity in CodeChum!

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