How to create a GUI-based item


GUI-based item is a type of item in which your students have to code outside CodeChum, compress their file into one zip folder, upload it in CodeChum, and submit them for automatic checking.

CodeChum already has built-in GUI-based item that you are free to use, but if you'd like to make your own item to use in an activity in CodeChum, you can make your own!


Since creating GUI items is very complicated, we will make it for you instead. What you need to do are the following:

  1. Click on Item Bank. This will redirect you to a screen listing all items you have created within CodeChum.

  2. Look for the Create Item button and click it. This will open a big popup window to create your very own item.

  3. Select GUI application as the item type.

  4. Click on the Go to Form button. This will open a Google Forms where you will provide us all the details about the GUI item you wish to be created.

  5. Supply all needed information in the Google Form and submit it.

  6. Wait for a message in your email where we will send word about your GUI item.

And that's how we help you make GUI items in CodeChum!

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